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The Documentchain is a decentralized blockchain developed specifically for document management. Both descriptions and hash values of the document file are stored in the distributed database and can later be compared with the document. For a tamper-proof confirmation that you were the first who created this document, this invention, this song, this construction, this idea.

The idea

The software company Krekeler has been developing applications for digital document management for more than 20 years. The most successful product is the Office Manager, a powerful archiving system for documents, files and e-mails.

With the current legal requirements, document revision control is a key task for legally compliant archiving. For many legal requirements, a simple verification system is sufficient – especially if the document is stored in the context of a complete archive. The Blockchain concept was implemented early on in the software office in the form of linked data records in the archive databases. With locally stored databases, however, there is always a certain potential for manipulation.

A blockchain (distributed ledger technology) distributed over many computers makes manipulation impossible for the individual – a decentralized blockchain is inherently audit-proof.

In autumn 2018, the Documentchain was launched as a blockchain for document revisions. Since then, users can easily protect their inventions, pieces of music, texts, photos and any other documents on this blockchain and later prove the date of ownership of the original document.


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