Tamper-proof storage of wind measurement data in Brazil

Königs Wusterhausen / Porto Alegre – The blockchain solution Documentchain, developed in Brandenburg for secure, tamper-proof and automated data storage, is also being used in Brazil.

“So far, there have been very few companies that have even recognized the potential of blockchain in the energy sector. One of them, however, is Tower Wind Services, a Brazilian company founded in 2012 to provide services in the wind energy sector. For several months now, the company has been securing data and records of wind turbines with Documentchain to ensure tamper-proof archiving of important wind measurement data” proudly informs Harald Krekeler, developer of Documentchain.

Blockchain technology is considered one of the most important achievements of recent years. Especially the energy sector can benefit greatly from distributed ledger technologies (DLT) and open up new possibilities. Because distributed systems offer plenty of advantages over centralized solutions: they simplify the exchange, validation and documentation of data and are not vulnerable to manipulations.

“Our work consists of installing anemometric measurement stations that measure speed, direction, air pressure, and relative humidity. This data is of great importance for the site selection of a turbine or a wind farm, as it provides a forecast for the expected wind energy yield,” says Marcio Sieburger, CEO of Tower Wind Service (, about his work. The data collected by the measurement stations is recorded at intervals of 10 minutes and compared with the average values, minima, maxima, and standard deviation, generating 144 recordings within 24 hours. Depending on the device manufacturer, the data is then converted into .CSV or .RWD file formats and stored and made available to clients – builders and investors of wind turbines and parks.

Last summer, Sieburger became aware of Documentchain: “Documentchain caught my attention because it represents an additional level of security for our projects. Because the data collected by the measuring instruments must be stored tamper-proof. One must imagine that even the slightest deviations or manipulations of the collected wind speed data can have an impact on the entire expected energy production of a wind park, as the calculated wind energy discrepancy can dramatically multiply,” Sieburger explains the relevance of Documentchain and adds, “I think that Documentchain can be very helpful to the entire renewable energy industry in this regard.”

Documentchain is a decentralized blockchain for document management systems. Important characteristics of the document file are stored tamper-proof in the blockchain, so that the authenticity and authorship of data and information can be securely proven. “Users of Documentchain remain in possession of their data and do not send it over the internet. Documentchain only secures the identity of the files and stores them in a traceable way on the blockchain. In the event of a rights violation, the file and the proof certificate and its storage on the blockchain can be proven,” adds Harald Krekeler. Due to the decentralization of the blockchain, the technical evidential force is also very strong.