The DMS Coin

Documentchain is a public blockchain solution for document revisions and notarisations.
The deposit of checksums requires a fee, which is paid in the project’s own cryptocurrency “DMS”. The currency also serves as a general means of payment and is listed in payment services and on trading exchanges.

Name Documentchain
Symbol DMS
Max supply 21 Mio
Block time 6 Minutes
PoW-algorithm YescryptR32 (CPU mining)
Masternode 5.000 DMS Collateral
Premine 0 DMS
Mainnet 41319
Testnet 41419
Devnet 41417
Regtest 41418
RPC Mainnet 41320
RPC Testnet 41420
RPC Devnet 41427
RPC Regtest 41428

Market Data


The total amount is limited to 21 million DMS. New coins are generated by mining at the end of a data block and paid out to the miners and masternodes as a reward.

Block Reward
Up to Block (Date) New Coins per Block
44.000 (Mar 2019) 50
88.000 (Sep 2019) 40
132.000 (Mar 2020) 30
176.000 (Oct 2020) 20
350.000 (Nov 2022) 15
788.000 (2027) 10 (current)
1.226.000 (2032) 5
2.102.000 (2042) 3
2.978.000 (2052) 2
4.298.000 (2067) 1
Fees only

Since Block 158,000, miners and masternode owners receive 50% each of the newly generated coins plus payment and document fees.

See also Source code validation.cpp, functions GetBlockSubsidy and GetMasternodePayment

Coin Distribution

DMS was launched in August 2018 without premining. However, the development team generated own coins by mining and providing masternodes, especially in the early period.

Max supply21.000.000 DMS   
Coins generated10.114.220 DMS   
Not yet generated 10.885.780 DMS    
Locked as masternode collateral 1.660.000 DMS    
Locked in teams's paper wallets 1.786.880 DMS    
Circulating supply 6.667.340 DMS    

Last updated: 21 Jun 2024 18:42:47 UTC, block height 484.422