A Download Option of the Blockchain

Documentchain was launched in August 2018, so the initial synchronization of the entire blockchain takes some time. Alternatively, you can also load the data in advance, comparable to a bootstrap. Then the synchronization is done in a few minutes and you can work with the wallet “DMS Core” or start your new masternode.

Since we are working on the data directory in the following, please note an important rule: Never delete a wallet.dat.

On Windows System

If DMS Core has only been installed but not yet started, please skip the steps 1, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8.

  1. Close DMS Core.
  2. Open the directory “C:\Users\your username\AppData\Roaming” in Windows Explorer. The path may differ if you had not taken the default settings during installation.
  3. There you will see the subfolder “DMSCore”. Rename it to “DMSCore-bak” or else.
  4. Create a new subfolder “DMSCore”.
  5. If exists, copy the file “DMSCore-bak\wallet.dat” into the new directory “DMSCore”.
  6. If exists, copy the folder “DMSCore-bak\wallets” into the new directory “DMSCore”.
  7. Copy the file “DMSCore-bak\dms.conf” into the new directory “DMSCore”.
  8. Copy the documents folder “DMSCore-bak\documents” into the new directory “DMSCore”.
  9. Download the blockchain archive (download link) and extract the three included directories into the new subfolder “DMSCore”
  10. Start DMS Core, it should be synchronized very fast. Only the new blocks have to be loaded.

Masternode on Linux

Enter the following commands in the Linux console:

cd ~
mv dms/dmsd dms/dmsdX
# only necessary if a daemon autostart is active
dms/dms-cli stop
# wait a moment
mv .dmscore .dmscore-bak # only if dmsd was launched before
mkdir .dmscore
cd .dmscore
wget https://documentchain.org/files/dms-bc-data.tar.gz
tar -xzf dms-bc-data.tar.gz
rm dms-bc-data.tar.gz
cd ~

# copy wallet.dat: especially important if credit is available
cp .dmscore-bak/wallet.dat .dmscore/
# copy configuration: necessary if settings contained
cp .dmscore-bak/dms.conf .dmscore/
# start daemon
mv dms/dmsdX dms/dmsd # only if previously renamed
dms/dmsd --daemon
# wait a few minutes
dms/dms-cli mnsync status