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The current mining with Proof of Work leads to a centralization by the mining pools. A changeover to Proof of Stake is planned, in which the previous blockchain remains completely available. This is necessary for the use case “document revision”.

Advertising to Software Companies

Proof of Existence can be used in many sectors. Many software solutions include a small document management, which requires an audit-proof archiving. We write to software companies and offer them an easy-to-implement solution with Documentchain’s use case. Web portals for copyright protection and the so-called “small patent” are also interesting…

Public API Servers

Use of Documentchain in third-party software and web services without wallet. Only one function call is required to add and revise a document (see example). Currently, two API servers are publicly available: and

API Simplification in DMS Core

Combination of API calls into single functions. This was scheduled to simplify the integration of DMS Core into other application software and web services. However, the use of a public API server (see above) has gained acceptance here. Third-party providers do not have to operate their own wallet to use…

DMS Core “Heidi”

New Release 0.12.16 Document Revision v2 (see below 17 July) BIP9 soft fork (CSV): BIP68, BIP112, BIP113 New button “Use available balance” in send coins “Pay only the required fee” as default in Qt wallet Turkish translation (new language) Several improvements