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LLMQ and PoSe

Activation of Long Living Masternode Quorums, Chain Locks and Proof of Service. The corresponding functionality is included in version 0.17 and will be enabled step by step until the end of June in mainnet using DIP0008, DIP0020, DIP0022 and some sporks. 08/03/2022: Spork 23 activated with Block 327725 06/17/2022: DIP0020/21…

DMS Core “Judy”

New Release 0.13.4 Simple “one-click” registration of a deterministic masternode. Adjustments of llmq values. Judy is the mediator between version 0.13 and 0.17, between classical and deterministic masternodes. Additional RPC functions

Testnet Reset

The testnet ran from August 2019 to January 2022. Some incompatible tests were performed, which required special rules in the program code. A testnet should also be as close as possible to the mainnet. For the switch to deterministic masternodes in 2022, a clean testnet is useful before the productive…