Mining – Generate Coins Yourself

Like many other cryptocurrencies the project´s own coin “DMS” can be mined. If this is a new topic to you, we recommend our introduction with further information as well as the Wikipedia article “proof of Work” exemplarily under Bitcoin.

DMS uses the PoW algorithm “YescryptR32”. It is optimized for normal computer processors, so you do not need graphics cards or special hardware.


1. Solomining in Wallet

This is the recommended method, it supports the decentralization of the blockchain.

  1. If you have not yet installed the software “DMS Core”, please follow the instructions.
  2. Select the menu command Tools | Mining.
  3. Enter the number of threads and confirm with OK.

The software is now trying to generate new blocks. Whether this succeeds depends on the current level of difficulty and the number of threads. The more miners (competitors) are involved, the lower the chance of success. The more threads you use, the higher the chance.


Mining Commands in Debug Console

  • setgenerate true 1 starts mining with the specified number of threads or logical CPUs. This is the preferred method.
  • setgenerate true -2 or -3: weak mining. The system pauses after each calculation and uses only a small part of one logical CPU.
  • setgenerate false stops mining.
  • generate 1 generates a block or the specified number of blocks. The mining will stop as soon as the number is found.
  • generatetoaddress 1 DMD2hTHafZQYS2nW1Hvcpjtn61T835VTMR: As generate, but with the specification of a specific destination address. Enter a DMS address from your wallet, see menu File | Receiving addresses.


2. For Professionals with Mining Software

You need a CPU miner for the YescryptR32 algorithm, such as cpuminer-opt.


2.1 Solomining

Example dms.conf


Example miner.bat (please enter the entire text in one line)

cpuminer-aes-sse42.exe -a yescryptR32 -o -u dmsrpcuser -p hc6wsytxdch –coinbase-addr=DMD2hTHafZQYS2nW1Hvcpjtn61T835VTMR -t 2

cpuminer-aes-sse42.exe: use the optimal miner for your CPU.
–coinbase-addr: a receiving address of your wallet.
-t 2: number of threads / logical processors, here 2.



2.2 Poolmining

Example miner.bat (please enter the entire text in one line)

cpuminer-aes-sse42.exe -a yescryptR32 -o stratum+tcp:// -u DMD2hTHafZQYS2nW1Hvcpjtn61T835VTMR.MeinPC -p c=DMS -t 4