How to install the wallet software “DMS Core” on Windows.


The source code is published on the Github platform. You can compile the software yourself or load a finished version:

  • Please download the latest release for your operating system, for example “dmscore-version-win64-setup.exe” for a 64 bit Windows.

Note: Many antivirus programs warn against Blockchain software as potentially unwanted software.

Windows installation

  • Execute the setup program.
  • Note the blockchain download option for quick synchronization.
  • Start “DMS Core” (dms-qt.exe) the Windows Start menu.
  • The first time you are asked for the data directory. You can accept the standard or specify your own directory. This should be backed up regularly – especially the included file “wallet.dat”. Losing this file means losing your coin balance.
  • Please wait now until the blockchain is synchronized. It may takes some time on the first start.

Language of the user interface

If you want to change the language:

  • Please click Options and switch to the Display tab in the Settings menu.
  • Select your language at User interface language.

Font size does not fit?

The Wallet user interface uses default settings, which are easily readable on most systems. However, you can also customize this to suit your own needs:

  • In the Settings menu: Please click Options and go to then Appearance tab.
  • Adjust the Font Scale until it fits perfectly.

» Tip: Now, you can mine a few coins yourself.