How to install the wallet software “DMS Core” on Windows.


The source code is published on the Github platform. You can compile the software yourself or load a finished version:

  • Please download the latest release for your operating system, for example “dmscore-version-win64-setup.exe” for a 64 bit Windows.

Note: Many antivirus programs warn against Blockchain software as potentially unwanted software.

Windows installation

  • Execute the setup program.
  • Note the blockchain download option for quick synchronization.
  • Start “DMS Core” (dms-qt.exe) the Windows Start menu.
  • The first time you are asked for the data directory. You can accept the standard or specify your own directory. This should be backed up regularly – especially the included file “wallet.dat”. Losing this file means losing your coin balance.
  • Please wait now until the blockchain is synchronized. It may takes some time on the first start.

Language of the user interface

If you want to change the language:

  • Please click Options and switch to the Display tab in the Settings menu.
  • Select your language at User interface language.

Large screen?

The Wallet launches in a resolution for standard monitors. If you have a large, high-resolution screen, please switch to the HD view:

  • In the Settings menu: Please click Options and go to then Display tab.
  • At User Interface Theme select “DMS-light-hires”.

» Now, you can mine a few coins yourself.