Development Roadmap

2023Feasibility Study


The current mining with Proof of Work leads to a centralization by the mining pools. A changeover to Proof of Stake is planned, in which the previous blockchain remains completely available. This is necessary for the use case “document revision”.

2022Finished, 3. August

LLMQ and PoSe

Activation of Long Living Masternode Quorums, Chain Locks and Proof of Service. The corresponding functionality is included in version 0.17 and will be enabled step by step until the end of June in mainnet using DIP0008, DIP0020, DIP0022 and some sporks.

  • 08/03/2022: Spork 23 activated with Block 327725
  • 06/17/2022: DIP0020/21 activated with Block 316800
  • 06/15/2022: DIP0020/21 locked in
  • 06/13/2022: Spork 21 activated with Block 315883
  • 06/13/2022: Spork 19 activated with Block 315858
  • 06/12/2022: Spork 17 activated with block 315680
  • 06/12/2022: DIP0020/21 miner voting begins
  • 06/12/2022: DIP0008 activated with block 315530
2022Finished, 16 May

DMS Core “Kenji”

New Release

  • Extensive upgrade of codebase from 0.13 to 0.17
  • Final deployment of deterministic masternodes
  • Modern user interface
  • Document revision algorithm SHA3
  • Guided masternode provisioning
  • Several improvements
2022Finished, 14 May

Codebase Upgrade

DMS Core began as a forked from Dash 0.12 and has been extensively developed and extended since then. The codebase will be changed from 0.13.4 to the current Dash version with DIP3 masternodes and much more.

2022Finished, 10 May

DIP3 Activation

The masternode system was migrated to Deterministic Masternodes. Spork 15 was activated at block 308144.

2022Finished, 4 February

DMS Core “Judy”

New Release 0.13.4

  • Simple “one-click” registration of a deterministic masternode.
  • Adjustments of llmq values. Judy is the mediator between version 0.13 and 0.17, between classical and deterministic masternodes.
  • Additional RPC functions
2022Finished, 19 January

Social Media Expansion

Dissemination of the documentchain idea on additional social media:


2022Finished, 8 January

Testnet Reset

The testnet ran from August 2019 to January 2022. Some incompatible tests were performed, which required special rules in the program code. A testnet should also be as close as possible to the mainnet. For the switch to deterministic masternodes in 2022, a clean testnet is useful before the productive mainnet follows.
On January 8, testnet4 was launched and the previous testnet3 was archived. Both blockchains can be accessed with the Explorer on

2021Finished, 1 October

Marketing Assistance

Hiring a professional marketing agency for additional social media and creating new strategies.

2021Finished, 1 September


You can now trade DMS on Birake.

2021Finished, 5 July

DIP3 Confirmation

The DIP0003 deployment has been confirmed by the miners. The masternodes can now send a provider registration transaction.

2021Finished, 7 June

Testnet for LLMQ

Testnet extended to more than 150 masternodes. This enables realistic tests of the “Long Living Masternode Quorums” (LLMQ) and is an important step for the next release with Chainlocks.

2021Finished, 4 May

DMS Core “Ivan”

New Release 0.13.3

  • DIP0002 – Special Transactions
  • DIP0003 – Deterministic Masternode List
  • DIP0004 – Simplified Verification of Deterministic Masternode Lists
  • New information and notes page on main form
2021Finished, 29 April

Information Tab

A project information page is integrated in “DMS Core”, which can later be expanded to a marketplace for document management products.


Advertising to Software Companies

Proof of Existence can be used in many sectors. Many software solutions include a small document management, which requires an audit-proof archiving. We write to software companies and offer them an easy-to-implement solution with Documentchain’s use case. Web portals for copyright protection and the so-called “small patent” are also interesting here.

2020Finished, 18 December

Public API Servers

Use of Documentchain in third-party software and web services without wallet.
Only one function call is required to add and revise a document (see example). Currently, two API servers are publicly available: and


API Simplification in DMS Core

Combination of API calls into single functions. This was scheduled to simplify the integration of DMS Core into other application software and web services. However, the use of a public API server (see above) has gained acceptance here. Third-party providers do not have to operate their own wallet to use Doumentchain.

2020Finished, 8 October

DMS Core “Heidi”

New Release 0.12.16

  • Document Revision v2 (see below 17 July)
  • New button “Use available balance” in send coins
  • “Pay only the required fee” as default in Qt wallet
  • Turkish translation (new language)
  • Several improvements
2020Finished, 8 September

Coinmarketcap “tracked listing”

After our trading volume exceeded the $1000 mark, now also tracks the market data.

2020Finished, 20 August

Coin Distribution

New information page shows the coin distribution. The data is read live from blockchain and can also be requested via API.

2020Finished, 17 July

Document Revision v2

The data structure was previously fixed with GUID, file, attribute and an optional owner hash. With the new version, a combination of several hash values can be stored. This gives especially the developers of DMS software and web services more freedom. DMS Core will store a SHA3-512 file hash with the next version.

2020Finished, 18 May

Soft fork

Mainnet has passed DIP0001 with 2 MB block size.

2020Finished, 17 April

DMS Core “Grace”

Neues Release 0.12.15

  • Doument index
  • Permanently locked unspents
  • 2 MB block size
  • GUI enhancements
  • New RPC commands
2020Finished, 6 March

MNO Listing

We are now listet on, a popular coin monitoring and statistics service.

2020Finished, 3 March

Shared Masternodes

A collateral of 5,000 DMS coins is required for a complete masternode. If you own less coins, you can now participate in a share for 500 DMS.

2020Finished, 1 February

Document Index

Blockchain search for file hash in “DMS Core” and in blockexplorer

2020Finished, 21 January

Web Server

Deploy a second powerful web server for blockexplorer and API functions.

2020Finished, 15 January

Coinmarketcap “untracked listing”

Documentchain is now listed on In the first step as untracked listing without market data, because the trading volume is currently too low.

2020Finished, 1 January


You can now trade DMS on Graviex.

Traiding pairs: DMS / BTC, DMS / ETH and DMS / USDT

2019Finished, 29 November

DMS Core “Faythe”

New release 0.12.13

  • Sync issue fix (PoW calculation)
  • New logo and icons
  • New weblinks
  • Mining hashrate info on main form
  • Public testnet
2019Finished, 16 November

Crypto Community

Project presentiation in the crypto community, Bitcointalk announcement.

2019Finished, 9 November

First Exchange

You can now trade DMS on Crex24.

2019Finished, 30 October


Website in modern design on new domain

2019Finished, 1 September

Soft forks

Mainnet has passed BIP65 and BIP66

2019Finished, 16 August

DMS Core “Erin”

Version 0.12.13 released

  • macOS Wallet
  • GUI design, new logo and icons
  • Weak mining
  • BIP65 start block 84100
  • BIP66 start block 84000
  • bitcoin #9049
  • Public testnet
2019Finished, 16 August

macOS Wallet

DMS Core for Mac computers

2019Finished, 2 July

DMS Logo

Design of a new coin logo

2019Finished, 29 May


Public Documentchain testnet

BIP65, BIP66 and DIP0001 verified

2019Finished, 7 May


English-language website is created

2019Finished, 15 April

DMS Core “Dave”

New release 0.12.12

  • Document revision within the wallet
  • Mining command in main menu and status icon
  • Main menu improvements
  • Additional functions for data exchange with document management systems
2019Finished, 22 March


0.1 DMS every 24 hours – enough to secure one document.

2019Finished, 15 March

Support Pages

Interactive wallet screenshots with information and help topics.

2019Finished, 25 February


Instructions and descriptions for wallet, mining, masternode and document revision.

2019Finished, 22 February

Document Management

Integration of Documentchain into “Gonz@les DMS – The Document Runner”.

2018Finished, 27 December


The first Block Explorer is online

2018Finished, 26 December

DMS Core “Carol”

Version 0.12.10 released

  • Recovering the internal miner “setgenarate” removed in Bitcoin
  • The block reward was set to the final values
  • Release code name is shown in main form title and about box
  • Update fixed seed nodes and chain adjustments
2018Finished, 14 November

Document Management

Integration of Documentchain into Office Manager DMS. Project announcement and press releases.

2018Finished, 14 November


Project website is created

2018Finished, 13 November

Document Revision

DMS Core 0.12.10 “Bob” released: API for tamper-proof document revision.

2018Finished, 27 August

Beta Integration

Tests with selected DMS users